Night Shift started out in Birmingham in 1973. Originally a rock three-piece, they switched to reggae after an encounter with the late Laurel Aitken in 1978 as Reality. At the time a fresh reggae wind blew over England, bands like the Specials, UB40 and the Selecter were formed and Reality got swept up in it. Jamaican born singer/guitarist Robert Green was the main songwriter of the band and easily adapted to their new style. The original three-piece was augmented by saxophone and keyboards and soon they developed their own exciting and innovative sound.
UB40 saw them in 1980, were blown away and asked the band to support them on their forthcoming tour. UB40's original producer Bob Lamb signed Reality to his label and recorded their first album "Make a move" and the song "Tell me what's going on in your mind" got to number 20 in England and charted in Canada.
Soon they were touring all over Europe and came to Holland for the first time in 1982. They met the most famous Dutch reggaeband "Doe Maar" and did several festivals with them. Soon after, for practical reasons, they decided to move to Holland, where they recorded their second album "Public Eye" with producer Peter Vincent. "Soweto" and "Circumstances" were the songs that charted in Holland. The years that followed were spent touring England and Europe, either on their own or with UB40.
In Ernst Jansz and Jan Hendriks' studio, aptly named "the Bunker", they recorded their third album "Face Reality" in 1986, but it wasn't until 1989 that the album was released and then in Holland and Japan only. Most of the original members had left by that time, but Reality was still a touring band with English and Dutch musicians. They released their final album "Good news week" on their own label, but it failed to chart. Reality disbanded in 1998. Robert Green felt he needed a change of direction and concentrated on recording, working with other musicians and finding another approach on songwriting. He just completed his solo album "Foundation Woman".
Since 2010 REALITY is back. Unfortunately Gibson Sampson, our long time bass player has left the band. He has returned to England for personal reasons. John Spruijt, the guitar player has retired. Steve Willikin, who has replaced Gibson is a good and experienced bass player. With Steve as a new member and Violet Permis Levyssohn as a new backing vocal, the band is back on track. With a mixture of old and brand new songs the band still manages to create their own sound, rootsbased with an ever growing manifold of influences, like rock and soulmusic. The songs are a unique blend of social awareness, strong melodies and catchy hooklines. The maturity of the band is evident in their performance, which is an energetic and uplifting experience.


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Robert Green

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Tony Goedhoop

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Liz Lamers-Green

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Gustaaf Terborg

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Sharif Jamaludin

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Arie den Brok

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Steve Willikin

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Violetta Permis Levyssohn

Arie den Brok: Saxophone
Born in the Netherlands. Started out as a drummer in the band “Joey and the Heartbeats” in the 70’s. He decided to play saxophone in the 80’s and played with several local bands. Played with Mighty Akimbo from 2005 until the reforming of Reality in 2010.

Gustaaf “Good Stuff” Terborg: Keyboards
Born in Surinam. Played with several different bands, The Turkeys, The Blackguards Company, The Soultramps and the Matjangs. After moving to the Netherlands he played with Bacchanal, Jah Justice and a few other bands. He played in Mighty Akimbo from 2007 until the reforming of Reality in 2010.

Sharif Jamaludin: Keyboards
Born in Surinam. Studied classical guitar and piano from an early age. In Surinam he made his name as a bass guitarplayer. In The Netherlands he played keyboards and was bandleader of Grupo Cache en Tzoko. He played in Mighty Akimbo from 2008 until the reforming of Reality in 2010.

Tony Goedhoop: Drums
Born in Surinam. Was the drummer with the number one band in Surinam “Names & Faces” Came to the Netherlands in 1978 where he played with various named acts including Tony Sherman, PI Man & Memre buku . Also played support for Weather Report , George Benson and Mothers Finest. Joined Reality in 2010.

Rodney Ellis: Percussion
Born in St. Maarten Played in “Black Starline” before joining Reality in 1992

Rob Green: Singer, Songwriter
Born in Jamaica. Played with “Nightshift”, Reaction, 67 Park Lane before forming Reality in 1978 with Cliff Morris who has retired since 1990.

Steve Willikin: Bass
Nederland - Moluccan (Indonesia). Started playing at the age of 9. His first band was Park Avenue 1985-1987 Later he played with the Greg Rettob Band, both funk/soul bands. 2007-2009 NGP , Nelson Gomies Project. ( ex-guitarplayer Total Touch) funk/soul /R&B
Velvet Joy with Joyce Bloemers acoustic/pop/soul

Lizzy Lamers-Green: Backing Vocals
Born in the Netherlands. First worked with Reality in the 90’s . Last few years working on the Rough Touch projects. Rejoined Reality in 2010.

Violetta Permis Levyssohn: Backing Vocals
Born in The Netherlands. Sang in several coverbands. Worked on different projects with Peak Top studio's & Tokapi and  worked in 2000 with Rough Touch